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involved in the process of bringing a product directly to customers from the best manufacturers in the Industry of cigars.
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All our products are genuine, not counterfeit
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One of the best-known Cuban-Legacy brands in the world, Cohiba coats a wide net of cigar lovers who've given it a try
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We Offer Delivery

✦ Only we are offering deliver in whole city for your orders so enjoy this exclusive offer

✦ Minimum Order for delivery is $1,500 pesos

✦ Delivery to progresso area We'll be available every wednesday,please contact us to get more information

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As one of the best-known Cuban-legacy brands in the world, Cohiba casts a wide net of cigar lovers who’ve given it a try.

Medium-bodied notes of peppers, wood, and leather culminate with a bit of sweetness in an approachable finish.
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Montecristo cigars are very famous and widely sought-after with a brand name that enjoys deep roots in the business and a recognizable Cuban heritage.

The most famous of the many famous Havana brands started only in 1935
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Rocky Patel

Rocky Patel is one of the worlds most popular cigar lines and offers a large variety.

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Fabulous attention. The staff of first, it advises you and solves your doubts in a tasteful way. The best option if you are looking for cigars. Have varieties from Cuba, Nicaragua, Dominicans and even Nationals. You leave the place with a smile and quality products!!

- Maricruz Sepulveda

No soy conocedor de tabaco pero quería regalar unos puros, me dieron una buena atención, me explicaron bien para decidir el mejor producto para regalar y me dieron buen precio y un cigarro extra por promoción.

- Mario A. Rojas

I recommend the place, I went out of curiosity yesterday since I was staying at the hotel, I am from Veracruz and only smoked Cuban cigars, I appreciate the excellent recommendation that I liked a lot

- Fausto Emiliano



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